12 Oct You. Me…and Harmony!

So, you may have read my other blog, The Harmony in Me.

Now, I’d like to talk about the harmony I share with you. You being anyone else in my life that I interact with, harmoniously.

Let me use an obvious analogy to express what I mean by true harmony, shared between two (or more) people (or other living beings). Have you ever listened to music, where there are only two voices, no instruments? When done right, there is nothing more beautiful than two talented voices singing together in harmony, in my humble opinion. This literally melts me. Two voices singing in perfect harmony. It is “just right”.

Okay, so that “just right” feeling? That’s the feeling when I know I’m in harmony with another living being. Be it a friend, a family member, a furry dog baby (in case you haven’t heard, I am a crazy dog lover!), when in perfect harmony together, there is nothing sweeter. What is perfect harmony to me? It’s when everything comes naturally, flows organically, feels genuine, authentic and “meant to be”.

Now, much like when singers sing out of tune, or an instrument is off key, there is nothing much more painful than the sound of music that is out of sync. Exactly the same in life. When you are not in sync, or better said, in harmony with all things around you, happiness is hard to achieve. It is unsettling, unnerving and just plain uncomfortable.

All this to say,  find your perfect harmony. Wherever, whenever or with whomever, find it. If you add this to your list of prerequisites in life when embarking on new relationships, a new job, a new anything – see if you can find your natural rhythm, your natural harmony. When it happens, you know it – just don’t forget to appreciate, and relish it.

Everything truly works better when in perfect harmony. Enjoy the “you, me and harmony” moments in your everyday life.

Cristina Kim
Creator of mybestfriendinni

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