Our Mission

inni & friends is here to connect kids to their intuition, positive values, and even negative behavioural attributes. We believe our intuition plays a vital role in how we make our choices, including how to use our core values to make the right ones. Through the personification of important values and concepts into approachable characters, children can connect with abstract ideas in a meaningful and lasting manner.

The Cast

inni & friends has 12 characters led by Max, the human protagonist who is delighted to share her Inni (or intuition) with everyone. The remaining characters are all personifications of either a positive value or a negative human trait, and represent a “friend” or a “frenemy”. The friends are Generosity, Honesty, Harmony, Courage, Love and Kindness; and the frenemies are Bully, Selfish, Liar and Envy. Inni is there as a guide to everyone in the Inniverse, and is in all the stories to share the important lessons learned.



The Setting

The INNIVERSE is where Inni and all of her friends and frenemies live—a place most adults refer to as their “gut”. It provides an imaginary and safe place to confront difficult and at times confusing issues prevalent in the day-to-day lives of children today.


Inni Interaction Ideas are available to help you facilitate the important lessons we share.

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