Using our intuition to create a better world.

Our Mission

Building a world full of empathy and compassion begins with value-centric and social-emotional learning—by showing our kids how to understand and live by these very values. At mybestfriendinni, we incorporate intuition as a key human quality to introduce to children in their formative years, along with core values. READ MORE

Who We Are

The Inni team starts with Cristina Kim, the creator of mybestfriendinni. Our members are all avid believers in intuition and have a great relationship with all of our respective Innis.

Read more about all of us and learn about why we believe in the vision and purpose for mybestfriendinni. We are all proud to be a part of The Intuition Movement™ and are so happy that you have joined us! READ MORE

What We Do

mybestfriendinni is here to connect children to their imagination, intuition, positive values, and even not-so-positive behavioural attributes, through storytelling. Unique, vibrant and animated characters provide a fresh and effective way to introduce kids to these abstract concepts in a meaningful, interactive and fun way. By personifying important values and concepts using our characters, children connect with abstract ideas, in a non-abstract manner. We call our purpose The Intuition Movement™. READ MORE

Our Blog

Hear thoughts by founder and creator Cristina Kim as she shares her genuine perspectives on the importance of living with values, the role of our intuition in our lives, how our actions speak for us and who we are, what’s behind her stories, and why she started mybestfriendinni. READ MORE