Hey! Hey! Hey! How are you? I’m Courage and I’m really excited to meet you. I just love meeting new people, and even better, helping everyone I meet! My friends say I am strong and solid…not just in my rock hard muscles, but also in my spirit and my heart.
My favourite things are to try new things and to help my friends do the same. I love it when people are brave, even when deep inside they are a tiny bit scared. I love to help my friends make their fears go away by showing them they have nothing to be afraid of. I believe in standing up for myself and my friends. And I always use words that don’t make people hurt.

I love to protect everyone and to make everyone feel safe. No matter what. If you ever feel afraid, I am always there for you! Just keep your ear to the ground for my strong, rumbling, crunching footsteps, and when you hear them, you know I am near!