Using characters to build character.

Our growing family of engaging, animated characters and our fun stories show children how our values and intuition play a role in our everyday lives.

The most effective way to learn about values is through modelling behaviour. Children typically learn about values at home. mybestfriendinni’s characters and stories are an engaging way to model good values, exemplify negative behavioural traits, and how our intuition helps us choose to use our values every day. By personifying important values and concepts using our characters, children connect with abstract ideas, in a non-abstract manner.

Intuitionour moral compass.

In conventional education, focus on intellectual and social-emotional learning is now a staple in early childhood development. At mybestfriendinni, we incorporate intuition as a key human quality to introduce to children in their formative years, along with the concept of values. Our intuition acts as a moral compass, helping us navigate all of life’s situations, along with our other inner influencers. Too often, children are steered to focus on their intellect, while intuitive thoughts and feelings are less encouraged.

It’s a whole new world…

Children live in a very different world than the one we grew up in. This digital world is a much larger (yet smaller), more aggressive and faster place than ever before. Important values such as confidence, self-trust, positive self-esteem, compassion and empathy have never been more critical.

Kids love learning, especially when it’s fun and engaging, and the best kind of engagement happens through relationships. Relationships bring meaning to experiences and this is no different for kids. What better way to build relationships than through fun stories and games. To really connect children to our characters, they all have their own “inniperfections” to show that just like kids, even Inni’s friends aren’t perfect.

Age-old, and here to stay.

Intuition is an age-old concept that most of us would agree is a positive human quality that we should pay attention to. Kids have a naturally intuitive way, and the purity with which they view the world allows kids to really feel their intuition— sometimes even better than adults do. mybestfriendinni’s stories ignite a lifelong relationship between kids and their intuition. We want to help them identify their gut feelings as their intuition, understand what it is, and even call upon it when in need. Instead of leaving it as a “strange little feeling”, we brought the concept to life using loveable, relatable characters!

Our stories model traits such as good judgment, confidence, self-love and respect, compassion, integrity, acceptance, and making the right choices.

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