Inni Badges

Be cool at school and share!

Check it out! You can pick any one of these super cool Inni Badges and print it up or email it to a friend! What a great way to show your friends, sisters, brothers, mom, dad and teachers (and grandparents and auntsthe list could go on and on!) that you are thinking about them. Pick an Inni Badge and give it to someone to show them that you care about them and they are your friend. It’s a quick and colourful way for you to share a nice message. So cool! All of these Inni Badges are ready and waiting for you to use whenever you want—and they’re free!

We offer custom Inni Badges—we can have any of the character with any message you want (as long as it is kind!), and we can create one for you. Great for “thank you” messages or for a birthday party!

Email us at so we can talk about the details!