The Inni team starts with Cristina Kim, the creator of mybestfriendinni. Our members are all avid believers in intuition and have a great relationship with all of our respective Innis.
Learn about why we believe in the vision and purpose for mybestfriendinni. We are all proud to be a part of The Intuition Movement™ and are so happy that you have joined us!

Cristina Kim

Founder and Creator

Cristina KimHi, I’m Cristina and I am so excited to bring mybestfriendinni to the world!

My experience in academia, business, leadership and life has brought me to a place where I can use my skills to make a difference in an important way, and here we are. In university, I studied psychology, criminology, and sociology. It has always been a natural curiosity of mine to understand different behaviours—both positive and negative—and how they impact ourselves and those around us. Each one of mybestfriendinni’s characters are human values, qualities and attributes that represent the true sense of social existence.

With many more characters to come, I see mybestfriendinni as an instrumental addition to how conventional education, which is largely focused on intellectual and emotional development, is delivered today. I believe value-centric learning and an understanding of the role our intuition plays in how we make our choices, are essential to the overall development of children. Everything starts with a decision or choice—and we can do a better job at building more confident and competent decision-makers for our future.

I have my own intuition to thank for a lot of my successes: it’s what built my confidence growing up. Throughout my whole life, I have made many decisions and judgment calls, with my Inni right there to guide me.

I love helping others reach their fullest potential. Whether they’re children getting in touch with their intuition or adults developing their careers, there’s no better feeling than seeing people succeed. As a social entrepreneur looking to create a difference for today and for all the tomorrows ahead, I am grateful for having the opportunity to bring a dream of mine to life. Together with you, l am excited to help build every child’s relationship with their best friend Inni, through this incredible journey.

Luke Fimio

Artistic Lead (Illustrator and animator)

LukeHello there, I’m Luke, and I draw and animate all the characters in the Inniverse! I’ve always loved to draw. When I was a little boy, there was nothing I liked more than sitting down with a book by Robert Munsch or Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are is one of my faves!) Their amazing stories and awesome characters totally sparked my imagination, and I decided that that’s what I wanted to do as my job—invent characters. So I went to school for character design and imagination, and I’ve had the joy of creating new worlds and experiences ever since.

I’m so excited to be working on mybestfriendinni—it’s such a great way to introduce an important but often overlooked aspect of healthy childhood development. The lessons that can be learned here can have an incredible impact on kids and parents alike. I’ve put a lot of effort into making the characters be fun and approachable, and helping build a world with endless potential. While there wasn’t anything like Inni and friends around when I was little, I’ve tried to create things that I know I would have loved at that age.

Ange Friesen

Creative Collaborator

Well, hello there. I’m Ange, and I’m delighted to be one of the people bringing the Inniverse to life, and helping kids meet their own Innis.

I spend most of my time wondering if, at, or about pretty much everything, and I started blogging in 2007 as a way to share my discoveries. I’m always noticing things that other people don’t seem to see, and I love to capture those bits and pieces of the world in words and pictures, to point to the some of the beauty that makes up our world. I’m fascinated by most things, but am usually thinking about food, movies, books, psychology and dreams.

I believe intuition is vital to creating lives that are rich, vibrant, and fun. When we find that voice inside—our Innis—we can set out on adventures that we never could have imagined. I know so many adults who don’t seem to have found that voice—or at least they don’t seem to listen—and I think everyone would be better off if they met their Inni as young as Max has (but it’s never too late!). I’m so glad to be helping people make that connection by being a part of mybestfriendinni.

Terra Yim

Production and Publishing Coordinator

Hi! My name’s Terra. Since I was a little girl, one of my favourite things in the world has been books. I love books so much, I went to school to learn all about making them. And now, I get to help with the publishing aspects of mybestfriendinni!

I wasn’t in tune with my own intuition until my early twenties. And having immigrated at the age of seven, I experienced a sense of displacement and nonbelonging from childhood. Assimilation became crucial to surviving—especially in the playground. Struggling to belong, I had always looked externally for my identity instead of within—which is never the answer.

That’s why I believe that in an era in which the media plays such a large role in cultural grooming and sets so many behavioural and physical expectations, it’s important to teach children the beauty and value of self-expression and self-understanding. That’s why I believe in the mybestfriendinni mission.

Natasha King

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Hello there, I’m Natasha and I am super excited to be part of the mybestfriendinni team. Born with a huge imagination, I loved to tell stories and as I grew up, I fell in love with the news and the idea of sharing the stories of strangers. When it was time to go off to post secondary, I knew Film and Journalism was the right path for me. That being said, I hated writing. So I used my storytelling to create amazing videos and inspiring pictures. I love being a voice for the voiceless!

mybestfriendinni attracted my attention because I loved the idea of using a children’s brand to create videos and inspire children to make better choices. The characters are so fun and adorable; they bring me back to my childhood when I fell in love with the characters from Mr. Men & Little Miss. I am so excited to be part of helping children make the connection with their Inni!