Well hello, I’m Liar. Everyone may say I’m bad, but I am really the best! Better than Generosity and Harmony and all of the good values put together. My favourite thing to do is to tell lies… like I just did now!

My lies often make a mess of things and I am seriously awesome at blaming others for stuff I did. One thing I can’t lie about? I will never say I like the good values, or “friends” here in the Inniverse. Ugh. So boring, right? Especially boring little Honesty. I mean really, who needs him?

Fine, sometimes I can’t remember what I said because I lie so much. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have heard it all, everyone is always saying that you never forget the truth. But so what? I don’t care that no one trusts me, who needs trust when you can trick everyone and lie to get your way? Not me!