Hiya! I’m Generosity. I’m so happy to meet you! I love to share and give everything. And I mean everything! It makes me feel SO good to share. Nothing in this Inniverse makes me feel better!
I share my toys, my games, my books, my pens…um…let’s see, what else, oh yes, my friends, my lunch, my time…even my feelings. As you can see, I love to SHARE! I believe that giving is way better than taking. I smile my biggest, shiniest smile when I get to share with someone who is not as lucky as me. That makes my day every time!

I bet you’ve felt that awesome feeling when you have made someone’s day by being giving and by sharing your time, your toys, and everything else that can help to make someone happier. Being generous is the best thing ever because you feel good AND the person you are sharing with feels good. There is nothing better!