Helloooooo! I am love! I am beautiful and sweet, and my heart is full of mushy gushy love. I love to love. I love it even more when love makes everything better (and I think it ALWAYS does!). I think I’m the most important positive value there ever was, and ever will be…but shhhhhhh, don’t tell Generosity that.

I love to show love with smiles, by sharing, by giving hugs, by saying thank you, by being kind, and best of all, by blowing my heart bubbles ANYwhere and EVERYwhere!

I believe that with love the world is a much better place and that to feel love is to feel true happiness. I believe that when you feel love, everything is just a little bit lovelier! And giving love is just as sweet as receiving love…I just love it, don’t you? See? How could anyone ever live without me?