Oh, hello. I’m Honesty. I’m happy to meet you…but to be honest, I am always a little bit nervous when I meet someone new. Are you ever like that? I’m not sure if anyone of my friends mentioned it, but I’m the quiet one.

I like to watch and listen, and I only talk when I know what I have to say is important. Oh yes, and I always tell the truth. Always. My favourite thing is to see how being truthful makes everything better. And you know what? It really does. For real.

I love helping my friends learn how to say things honestly, even when they are not comfortable saying them. I tell them to be honest, but always in a nice way…which is exactly what Kindness does all the time. I can help you learn and practice how to say the things you want to say truthfully and nicely too. Actually, helping others is one of my most favourite things, besides always telling the truth.