What’s up? I’m Bully and I am all about getting my way. I use mean words, I love to tease people until they cry, and I always make sure everyone around me knows who’s the boss, which of course is ALWAYS me.

My favourite things are bossing people around and making everyone do what I want them to do by being scary and rude! When I am, I can see that I can make everyone a little scared. You know what’s even better? I get stronger and pushier when I see their fear, which makes it even more fun for me!The best part of all though, is that I almost always get away with being a meanie. You want to know why? Because no one really says ANYTHING back to me. And the few times that they do, I just say “whatever” and move on to bully someone else. What’s the point of sticking around if I don’t get my way?

You should know, that I am the best Bully. There are others in the Inniverse that sometimes try to act like they are me. I am a true bully, and I am a bully all the time. Inni has tried to help me be nicer and less pushy, and that might work for the other bully types in the Inniverse, but not for me. I am Bully!