Hi, hi, HI! I’m Harmony and I love all things harmonious! The most important thing in the whole wide world is to get along with everyone. No wait, that’s not it…the MOST important thing is for everyone to get along with each other, that’s right…ha ha ha! When everyone is happy and having a good time together, it’s like music to my ears!

I always, always, ALWAYS do things to make everyone happy. I believe that getting along is super important and everything is always better when everyone does. Don’t you? There’s nothing better than when everyone is being nice and playing and laughing together.

My friend Generosity and I love to hang out and talk about sharing, giving and getting along. Nothing makes me feel more peaceful and happy than seeing everyone have fun together. I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about! What is better than being with your friends and having a fun and happy time, right?

I can’t wait to show you all the happiness I can bring!