Hi, I’m Max! I hope you are enjoying your visit!

As I said, Inni is my intuition. She is my bestfriend and I learned all about her from my grandma. She told me that Inni is always there for me, and that she will be for my whole life.

My Inni lives in a special place called my Inniverse. Inni speaks to me by sending little special signals and when she does, I always get a funny, fuzzy, buzzy feeling in my tummy. When Inni is telling me something, I always listen.

By listening to Inni, I’ve stopped myself from doing things that I am glad I didn’t do. Stuff like when a girl in class told me that I had to stop talking to someone else in my class because she wore funny pants to school. My Inni told me it was wrong to do that to anyone. She sent me a signal that helped me decide not to do it, even though everyone else was. And I’m really happy that I listened.

I’m so glad I got to know my Inni when I was younger. She has really helped me make the right decisions in so many different situations. She has helped me be more confident and has helped me be the good, honest, caring and kind girl that I am today!

I’m a tomboy and my favourite thing to do is to spend time with my friends. I have such awesome friends! I have friends in my Inniverse, and at school! My other favourite thing to do is daydream…I LOVE to daydream! My favourite place to daydream is in my Inniverse.  It’s the coolest place ever!

I don’t have any brothers or sisters so I tend to play a lot in my imagination, with my friends and at school. I like to ride my bike, sing along to songs and I love to watch fun videos and play games.

I study hard, I do my homework (I love to do my creative writing homework the best, what about you?). I help out when I’m needed and I’m a super, good friend.

My least favourite thing is when I see my friends being bullied or when they’re unhappy or sad. It makes me feel good when everyone is happy. And when they aren’t, I always try my best to cheer them up!

The extra, super special thing that I want to tell you? Everyone has their very own Inni, AND their own Inniverse. Have you met your Inni yet? What does your Inniverse look like? Mine is super shiny, duper white and it sparkles and glitters and there are tiny, little, cute bugs flying about!