The Inniverse is our “gut”

The setting for all of our stories is the Inniverse (a place that most of us adults refer to as our “gut”). The Inniverse is where Inni and all of her friends and frenemies live. It is the perfect forum for our stories as it provides a creative and imaginary place to share even some of the more difficult lessons that are present in the day to day lives of today’s children.

Most of us grew up and learned about our intuition, organically. The common term of “gut feeling” has been used for years. Whether children call it their gut or their Inniverse, our goal is to have kids understand that they have much of what they need to be their best selves, within themselves. Inni, and each friend and frenemy in the Inniverse is a creative way to show that all of these values and attributes are a part of being human.

We believe that it is the mix of these values and characteristics that make us who we are, impact how we act, and lead us to make the choices that we make, every day. Even the best of us have times when we feel envious, or do something that is selfishbut we also have positive values and Inni is there to help us navigate these not-so-nice sides of us, just like you see in our stories that take place in the Inniverse.

Today’s parents, teachers and caregivers recognize the need for developing both hard skills and soft skills in children. There is a growing focus on showing kids how to understand and manage their own behaviours through self-awareness and management. mybestfriendinni is excited to share our lessons for kids as a relevant life skills tool!