The Cast

Max is the human protagonist and is here to welcome children to her Inniverse. It is there that all of the stories and lessons are shared. Inni is depicted as a guiding star, and as the central figure in the Inniverse, she represents Max’s intuition.

Inni has friends that represent important positive values. Inni’s friends are Generosity, Harmony, Kindness, Honesty, Courage and Love.

Inni also has frenemies who represent negative behaviours and characteristics.  Bully, Liar, Selfish and Envy are the first mybestfriendinni frenemies, created as a reminder that everyone has nice, and not-so-nice, characteristics and how that is part of being human. Throughout our different stories, Inni gently guides the friends and frenemies in making the right choices by using their own strengths and the strengths of their friends.

We included frenemies (as opposed to “enemies”) to show what these behaviours can look like, how they can impact others, and how they can be managed. They were designed to be engaging, and not frightening for kids. By having both positive and negative elements represented through our characters, there is an opportunity to show kids that being kind, even to one’s frenemies, is the right way to be mindful of everyone’s feelings. In future story lines, they also play an important role to show that there is always a chance that “frenemies” can sometimes become friends.