09 Nov The Harmony in Me!


Notwithstanding the fact that this question is possibly one of the most asked questions of all time, it is also the question that no one has truly answered. My theory on this lack of an “answer,” is that the answer lies within each of us, in our own and very special way. Each of us has our very own answer, to this huge question.

After living on this planet for going on 4 full decades, I have come to realize something. It is the collection of all of our moments, in the now, that make us happy or not, in the now. And this is different for each person.

For me, the “in the now” happy factor is inner harmony. The harmony in me, with myself and my thoughts, my intuition and my values, my dreams and my goals. Much like anything in life, there are obstacles that block our way to where we want to go. No different when it comes to our inner journeys.

As life has unfolded and my experiences have been experienced, I have learned that the single most important thing to gaining a truly happy, inner harmony, is to let go of things that are out of your control.

What are some of those things? Let’s start with- what others think of you, what others say about you, what others do to you. See the operative word – “others”? You can only control yourself, your actions, your reactions and your thoughtsSo start there – give yourself the permission to be in that space, to know that your energy and focus should be on you – your development, your growth, and your lessons learned through your experiences.

I believe that once you reach your inner harmony, the value of harmony, and all that is positive about it will come naturally for you to share outwards. That’s called “spreading harmony” in my world. Happy Harmony spreading! Enjoy your true harmony, from the inside out.

Harmoniously yours,

Cristina Kim
Creator of mybestfriendinni

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