20 Sep It is NOT okay to bully. Ever.

I clearly state the obvious. Right? I bet you all read this blogtitle and thought to yourself that it was a pretty “obvious” statement.

If so obvious, I can’t help but wonder why I recently heard of a group of about 50 people bullying 4 individuals. That’s right, you read that correctly. 50 against 4. Worse yet, it was a supervised environment, yet nothing was done to stop it until it was way too late.

Bullying is talked about everywhere – it has been a central focus in schools, workplaces and society in general for years.

Have you ever met a person who proudly declared that they were a bully? Have you ever heard someone boast about their best friend, who is the best bully in the world? Not likely, because everyone knows bullying is bad. We all say it is, we all nod in agreement when others say it is, but some of “we all” are bullies.

When we are faced with a challenge that harms humans – such as bullying, I believe that it takes all of us to face the challenge and beat it. It takes all of us to speak up – whether bullied or not. It takes all of us to stand up and say, NO! It takes all of us to tell the few of us that are bullies, that bullying is just wrong. And not just once, or twice…but all the time. We need to make it SO clear, so that the “obvious” cannot be ignored, or worse, condoned.

I dare say that if any of those 50 bullies were alone, I bet they would never utter such words that were said in this incident. Being one of many bullies does not make any single one of those bullies any less of an INDIVIDUAL bully.


This to me is an example of why we must not take it for granted that really obvious things are in fact that obvious, or that obvious things bring about appropriate action. If it is so obvious, then it should never happen. I hope that we can all choose to be one of the “all of us that is needed to combat challenges that affect too many people we care about.

And oh, by the way, in that scenario – all the people involved were adults. Yes, that’s right. Adults. Not “young” adults, but fully grown, totally “shame on you!” adults. Sometimes that is not that obvious either, too quickly it is assumed that bullying is something that just happens in schools amongst kids. Not the case.

I bet if we asked any single one of these adult bullies if they thought it was obvious that bullying was a bad thing, many of them would say it “obviously” was.

If someone you know is being bullied, please be the courage and voice they need to help stand up against bullying!

Thank you for being part of The Intuition MovementTM

Cristina Kim
Creator of mybestfriendinni

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